a little bit of randomness :]

Well it has been over a year that I have been on this thing! sheesh such a long ass time! Things are still the same. Trying to finish school, which seems impossible as of now, working at that one stupid ass store. and yeah. :\ 

I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately, a little depressed as well. Idk if it’s the hormones from the nuvaring? or what but I have worthless sometimes like I have nothing to live for. I feel that I’ll never get an internship so I won’t graduate college. Im at a dead end job that I can’t get away from. My family is fucked up. I wish I was rich so I can buy a house and move away and not have to worry about a whole lot. I’ll finish school whenever the fuck I feel like it. I’ll probably pursue a different degree. ugh but I hope things turn up. Sometimes I feel lucky about certain things that happen to me. So I hope the luck CAN COME MORE OFTEN PLEASE!!